Cubase 5 and Roland FP-7

Evening! I’m configuring Cubase 5 with my Tascam FW-1082 and integrating a Roland FP-7 digital piano. It seems everything is setup properly, I’m getting sound through Cubase 5 to the DAW and to my external monitors using a load track preset with the built-in virtual keyboard or my Mac keyboard, both work except they are limiting. I’d like to be able to use the FP-7 digital piano that is connected to my DAW. It is also working fine with this configuration except that I can’t figure out how to use the FP-7 in place of the virtual keyboard or my Mac keyboard to create the sounds from the loaded presets, I can only seem to hear the piano itself. Anyone know how to configure the FP-7 to replace the virtual keyboard?

Do you have midi cable between your computer and your piano ? (or a USB cable) ?
Is this is OK, you should configure the source of your VST track to “all midi inputs” and all the notes hit on piano
should be reproduced on the track with the virtual instrument you have configured…
Normally you should see the piano in the list of devices recognized by Cubase.
If this is not the case it could mean that the piano, when connected on the computer , is not recognized correctly.
(driver issue on the computer ?). Otherwise, I don’t see what can be missing…
Also, In my case I think I need to switch “on” all the hardware before I start cubase in order to have things working

I have the Roland FP-7 digital piano connected to a Tascam FW-1082 connected to my Mac via FireWire. The cables are working fine, I am getting sound from the piano. I can get the piano sound OK into Cubase, but can’t get the piano to emulate the VST virtual keyboard to play the loaded presets. One thing that is confusing me, I was not able to setup the FP-7 in the Midi Device Manager as there was no option to select the FP-7 which is only a few years old and fairly expensive, not sure why it doesn’t have a selection for it. Is this what the driver would be for to enable it to be selected via the Midi Device Manager and then Cubase would allow it to be used as a virtual keyboard to play the loaded presets? Who and where do I get drivers for digital pianos?

Connecting via midi cables versus USB has resolved my problem, thanks for your feedback! Now onto to upgrading to v6!!!