Cubase 5 and Sub Destroyer

I’m new to the forums here, so please excuse my ‘new-ness’

I just picked up the Joey Sturgis Sub Destroyer. I’ve been messing around in it and realized that while it will allow me to play and record midi notes through my keyboard, when it comes to recording a bass drop in real time it will not record. I have an input signal and I can hear it, but the wave form does not show up even though the track is armed.

I do feel like it’s something fairly simple but I haven’t encountered this, nor have I been able to locate any source that has given me a lead. I’ve tried creating all types of tracks and configured them in different ways but haven’t had any luck.

Obviously, I’m running Cubase 5 at the moment.

Looking forward to any response that can point me in the right direction!

Im in the same boat. Ive watched a video of the dude in celldweller discussing it, but he brushes right over how to write it in at about 10:50 in this video

Maybe im not catching it, but hope this gets us closer to what were looking for