CUBASE 5 and TASCAM DM4800 issue

If I I start a new track, e.g. microphone.Im in Cubase now, and trying out the recording again. I use the TASCAM DM4800 desk for controlling the CUBASE 5 .I messed up my settings in the mixer when I was about to restore my project in the mixer. Cuz before this happened, everything worked out fine…
My test track, I have like this:
Track 1( mono track) : Device input 1 ( Audio Device is ASIO IF-FW/ DM mkII).
The VST Audio System is setup with ASIO IF-FW/ DM mkII
And the VST SYSTEM LINK is NOT connected( as I have used the default setting there…)
So, is there any other things in the Tascam that is needed to be setup so I can get signals on the Cubase? Is this maybe a TASCAM issue, like the mixer is not routed correctly? I can manage getting signals in a prerecorded song, both inputs and outputs…So, it’s really strange…It’s a drag that the TASCAM Forum has been closed…And I tried entering other forums, but no answers from there yet…:frowning:(