cubase 5 and video

I am trying to render a video file and music together. In other words what I am trying to do is put my track to a video which I created. I have been to hell and back trying to do this. The Daw will not import mp4 even thought it says so. Can anyone help with this ? Does six do the same thing?

Cubase 5.5. krk 6, Maudio axiom Pro. project Mix. windows 7 64 bit. dual xeon 8 cores and more softwares

Try the Steinberg knowledge base, the new features pdf for Cubase 5.5, and the forum search. Should give you plenty of info on the new video handling since version 5.5.

File > Replace Audio In Vid File

Im sure I just dragged the video file into the project when I last work on a vid…

Saying that tho i rendered together in a diff program not cubase, but im sure its possible…