Cubase 5 - Audio is lost in mix when exporting mixdown

Hi! Can someone find a sulotion to this?
This is what I do:
I have my mix, a mix with both midi and audio tracks, and I have set the locators right (correct colour between them)
I then “export audio mixdown” with sample rate 44.1 and bit depth 32 bit (best I can do) and the mixdown successfully exports. But when I listen to the Wave file I only hear the miditracks and the audio parts are not there.

I’m doing a typical house mix with a lot of midi tracks and the audio tracks are just some sidechained white noise, but I notice right away that the white noise is taken away in the mix when I listen to it!

The audio tracks are not muted when exporting, so that’s not the issue…

Aloha e,

What happens if you export at:

44.1/16 bit
44.1/24 bit?


I tried with both 16 and 24 bit but the whitenoise is still gone in the mixdown.
When I listen to it in the project window it sounds the way I want it to but the second I export the mix it looses all the audio tracks…

Might be using a plug that requires Realtime Mixdown.