Cubase 5 automating tempo for individual track??

Hello, my question is very simple.
I have a project, all tracks recorded live with no click. I created a tempo track that follows the tempo variations of the live playing and programmed some midi drums. So far so good, but now i want to speed the entire song up say 4 bpm.
The audio clips in the pool are not in musical mode (because i want the tempo track to follow them, not the other way around), but i cannot change the playback speed if the are not in musical mode… and of course if i set the transport bar metronome to fixed (and not track like now) the drums lose synch with the music.

Is there a way to automate TEMPO only for the midi drum tracks? IE copying the tempo track automation onto an automation track for the drums? That way i could reset the tempo track of the project and speed the whole song up.
Or is there another way i am missing?