Cubase 5 automation not saved correctly (bug)


Sometimes when I save a project in Cubase 5 the automation tracks are changed. Let me give you an example:
I start a project and then automate volume for a VST track. Then save the project. Close Cubase 5 and load the old project. When I open the project the automation track for the VST track has changed. Instead of having automated volume it automates something else (by the looks of it randomizes). And this happen on random occasions and with all kinds of tracks; audio/VST, etc.

Is this a known bug?

It never happens in Cubase 6.5 Artist which I also own. Cubase 6.5 Artist seem to be much more prone to crashes with lots of VSTis and FX going on. Cubase 5 is much more stable when I am running it. That is why I want this to work. :frowning:

Try trashing your prefs.

Doesn’t help. :confused: