Cubase 5 Automation problems after change to 64bit Windows10

Hey there,

I’m running Cubase 5 and have been very happy with it till this rebuild. It was running XP 32 bit - solid as a rock - but as the OS began to play up over the years I decided to rebuild with the latest windows. After the initial teething issues and also updating the drivers for Cubase things settled down.

I should also note that I’m running pretty much audio only sessions with the RME 9652 soundcard. 24/24 in/out analogue AD/DA setup.

Some things are still causing me major issues - Automation and outboard midi devices.

Automation - I’ve mostly been using a Presonus Faderport to do this. With the new Mackie derived Presonus drivers and firmware, it still works in a fashion, but not how it used to. This appears to be mirrored in the Cubase automation itself as doing the same actions with the mouse and keyboard show no playback after being written. dosen’t matter which automation mode is used, the fader movements are not played back and the midi signal needed to move the actual fader on the Faderport appear to be non-existent. This is a big problem for me as it is one of the main platforms I use for mixing the commercial work i do.

I understand there have been issues with the Faderport moving from 32 to 64 bit systems, but all these seem centred on the “touch” mode. The touch light used to light up on the Faderport when you grabbed the fader - now it doesn’t. also, I used to just select the track i was working on from the mouse and the Faderport would respond to that selected track. Now it changes back to the first track in a bank of 8 channels as soon I you touch the fader. To get the fader selection to stay in place, the channel must be selected from the Faderport and not the mouse. In convenient to say the least.

All the same, the main issue is that fader movement is not playing back. When you open “show automation” The levels are shown as per usual, and indeed the audio seems to follow this, but the fader movement are dormant. I haven’t got any of the exemptions selected.

With the updated Cubase 5, windows and various panel no longer correspond to what the manual shows or says in certain cases which understandably confounds the issues in a major way.

I’m thinking the best way around this would be to revert back to the original software, running on a fresh 32 bit XP install, unless a solution can be offered. I

I am happy with the functionality of Cubase 5 as it is, but this seeming lack of compatibility with modern operating systems and drivers is very discouraging.

I suggest that you look around the Cubase 8 forum to see if anyone who installed CB on a Win 10 OS has similar issues. My guess… CB 5 will never work properly on Win 10 but… Fingers crossed for you.

Regards. :sunglasses: