Cubase 5 / Avid Artist / plug UAD


could anyone of you confirm me that, under PC W7, Avid Artist control surface can correctly manage UAD plugins under cubase 5 ?

Thank you for your feedback.



I’m not using Windows, but on Mac, it works fine. I think, there is no reason, why it shouldn’t works.


Hello Rotax125.

I am responding to this thread, because even though I can access my UAD plugins on the Artist Control with Cubase 6 64 bit, I don’t know why I’d use it instead of the mouse. Pushing so many buttons on the Artist Control seems way too laborious compared to how quickly I can get to my plugins via the mouse. If anybody can give me a good reason why I’d use the Artist Control to access any plugins or sends, I’d like to hear it.

The same goes for using the Artist Control for EQ. Maybe I can reset it, but the way it comes out of the box you don’t have all of the EQ parameters of the 2nd EQ band parameter (On, Type, Gain, Q, Frequency) on the screen. You have to go to a second page of the screen to get to more of the 2nd band EQ controls. WTF?

Hopefully I can set up the interface to do what I want simply. We’ll see.

EDIT: You can get all the controls of the 2nd band of EQ on a plugin on one page by pressing the bands “On” button and then pressing the page button.