Cubase 5 Batch import and setting of Musical mode/tempo?


I am using Cubase 5 on Windows 7 64bit.

Is there a way to set Musical Mode ON and then set Bar = 0 Beat = 1 on a batch import of Wave Files?

Let me explain in detail.

For reasons that would take up too much of this post I have 370 small wave files that I need to import to one track and then for each file the Music mode needs to be tuned on, the Bar needs to be set at 0 and the beat set at 1. Then the start of each file needs to be lined up to each beat (Cubase 5 does not seem to do that and I have to manually do each file one at a time which is very time consuming).
Obviously given the number of files this will take far too long to do it for each file individually so by doing it as a batch is the way to go for me but I am unable to find how to do it on Cubase 5.

Can anyone help?