Cubase 5 cannot recognize my Boss GT10

Hello everyone

I need help here. I have Cubase Studio 5.5.3, the most updated version for Cubase 5.

I have updated my Boss GT10 to the most current Window 8 driver.

I setup my boss GT10 like what the boss manual said, which is to turn on USB connection before connecting it to the computer.

In Cubase 5, i can see GT 10 in VST audio system, which means my boss setup is correct.

I only want to use my gt10 for transfering my guitar signal into a midi signal. My motu 4pre does not have a midi port, so i have to connect GT10 through usb.

Hence, my vst audio system is motu 10. Therefore, I am using ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver in my VST Audio System.

Under ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver, I can see “IN(2 GT-10)-1” and “IN(2 GT-10)-2” are both Active. Good sign.
Under VST System Link, I choose IN(2 GT-10)-1 to be active.
At VST connection, I have setup my Device Port as “IN(2 GT-10)-1” under BUS Name as GT10.

Then in the recording screen, no matter in audio, midi or instrument track, I choose GT10 in the input routing. However, there is no signal at all.

Please give me a hand if you know what I have done wrong. I have searched online for a very long time, but I have no luck. Thank you for the kind consideration.

I don’t have a GT-10. It is capable of using as an audio interface as well as USB midi interface?

Anyway, you shouldn’t change your VST Audio System for recording MIDI. Leave that as the MOTU.
Only verify the GT-10 is listed under the MIDI Port Setup. Then create a MIDI track and select its Input as the GT-10 and the output either back to the GT-10 or to a VST Instrument if that’s what you’re trying to do.