Cubase 5 - CDImage Deturbation

I’m having here a problem with Cubase cds “VST Sound” and “Halion Symphonic Orchestra Trial”… Both has been detected and have stoped to be detected as content and disc.

The CD is new from the store and have worked and installed the sample content before. The Installation cd is reading normally. Unfurtunaly I have called the Info from and the support of my country from “my steinberg” and they don’t know what is happening to not be read as a new, clean and original data media.

The support afirmed as yamaha from my country said steinberg have reported a lot of problematic (defected?) releases from the fabric in some parcels.

If it’s a defected media The only choice is to substitute the media and I’m waiting the authorities in the subject, but if it’s not, I have to comply maybe It’s system file related. What is happening!? I don’t know, that’s why it exist: to work.

I’m talking about this here, cause I need the solution and have to comply with the others regarding about the issue.

If anybody know something about or have any explanation about what may have caused it, or obviously, is causing it, please comply.

The cd have no content on my computer, even with a new media sent. The cd therefore has showed the content. I don’t know if I need a new installation or test it in another computer, but in my computer it’s not working.

I have my cd’s working awlful with my cd drive. Including the cubase cd installation, it obligate me to buy a new CD drive to show the content in my computer?

*:::everything is tested-bios-firmware-drivers-updates, including windows and cubase versions.

It can be something about the framework installation, maybe if I re-install windows XP it turn to show the content again, but it make no sense and it’s not gonna happen.

Framework are perfectly uninstalled from the last versions from my computer, and I’m satisfied with the system in the way it is. It’s loading and working without matter the web sites at all. Perfectly without compromise the system with these rudges insertion not nescessary speculated to these file systems. I’m saying this just to no body say nothing about this on this post.

Please, respond only for a solution for the problem.

Thank you.

In my experience with this hardware and updates, It’s not a problem from the VST CD, It’s a problem from some kind of driver or application. I have tested the cd and after a motherboard it have off the content. But it do not mean it are any kind of CD drive problem in the firmware compatibility and OS.

It is possible that the “trials” have expired.

What you mean do not participate in what I mean. :blush:

That does not make any sense!?!

If it just does.

Forgeting about the empty responses, they said being the responsable for the happening on my Motherboard happening; they aren’t able to fix the problem they don’t understand. I’m insisting this are a “from fabric manufatured driver problem”, but they do not have the issue registered by the corporation assigned to make the sued acts to deserve.

Really sick thing, the drive stopped to work by some conflict with the driver assimilation and it just stopped to read, only about the VST Collection CD and after, with no indication; installation and demo too… weird!

For more strange than it already is to mention, it has changed after motherboard installation.

It has been fixed with another CD-Rom Drive, nothing enquires the motherboard about that.

Google translate is not doing a good job here. Either that, or it’s you. Either way, something is lost in translation.

It’s not a google post. It’s in english readable. What you don’t know in the game, rule it to who know in the source. It’s not a game. Please do not tresspass my logic within my steinberg support.

Word to Big Bird

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Sorry, this post don’t mean the thread discussion, this user are already reported. This problem is solved without solution. The Thread is closed.

Really? In my PC it’s not closed and I can still write here.

If anyone needs reporting it’s you Docthor4…

Yes you can write, feel free to piss off, shit do what you want with the steinberg quality, in my post to not solved than loosing talk. need Report?

Thats the way moderation acts? And we have response as friends? Not as resolution? You seen a bit old for kinda young character in response. My friends are professionals, not kind joke before work. That’s the way I have met a forum and Steinberg That’s the way I wanna continue with my living life experience, not this addiction.

I apreciate your response, but it’s discussing. And just for what you’re saying I’m need to be reported about my comportament is that enough to be banned of my conversation, I want to work and have my posts readable for my real users. Not be enquired about your mistakes on me.

The living grace, do not leave the space to heaven, than hell forever to each knowlodge.

The unknown is the interesting thing in music, they are inanimated and soluble only in what they are sourcered to be for like in what they are specified.

At the main task, this post has been soluted, and for me is closed. If somebody else have something to talk about the issue in the mean subject, feel free. But the subject is bright like those users are not shining where I shine.

GIGO in this case the G = Gibberish
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To this end I strongly suggest you hire a proper translator at the very least to proof read your postings.

Yeah, you’re not helping… the results, appears for the software registered. That’s not the idea I have for a conversation and I have my oppinion and rights. Maybe you and your partnners are transgriding some federal laws to participate.

I don’t know what you’re speaking for, but, the most of the posts I’m receiving are isults. Ok…