Cubase 5, changing Midi once recorded

Hi all,

I am a nube to Cubase, only been using it about a year and still finding my way around.

My question:
Is it possible to change the Midi Instrument to an already recorded track?

I have recorded a load of songs and used the Brass in HALionOne, but I have just got Kontakt’s Session Horn and find that the sounds are much better. I would like to replace the existing tracks Midi Instrument rather than have to re-record everything again. Is this possible?

I have tried clicking the “Programs” on the left hand side (this is where it is showing what instrument I am using) but it just allows me to change an instrument within HALionOne and not change from this.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Hi and welcome,

In the current version, you can just click to the Instrument name (HALion One) and you can choose different instrument from the list (NI Kontakt). I hope it worked the same way in Cubase 5 too already.

If not, you have to create a new Instrument track and move the MIDI data (hold down Ctrl, to make sure the position doesn’t change).