Cubase 5 Control Room Mixer Extension

Hi There,

Before I’ve been using MOTU’s cue mix in order to setup talkback through headphone mixes and have been using sends to outputs. However, I’d like to use the built in Cubase Control Room mixer but I need more than 4 band mixes.

In my old setup I was able to have 6 mono headphone mixes, but now I can only have 4 with the Control Room Mixer. Is there a way that I can have more than 4?

The main thing that I like about the Control Room Mixer is that I’m able to easily switch between the headphone mixes and adjust levels without having to unplug their headphones and disrupt the session.

I also like the easy ability to turn TB on and off on channels interdependently. Not to mention the fast way of setting up headphone mixes.

Any help would be appreciated!