cubase 5 crash after copy

Every time I try to copy certain data using the ctrl + c shortcut, cubase crashes. I get the warning box telling me a serious problem has occurred and I need to save project under a different name. This happens when I copy an event but also when I use the ‘copy pattern’ function in beat designer. It also doesn’t let me flatten an arrangement (I assume this is a copying process). However it does let me copy and paste midi notes. It only happens in the one project I’m working on, I’ve opened up a new project and there’s no problem at all. I have tried deleting my preference folder (appdata - roaming - steinberg - cubase 5) which is usually the solution to weird problems like this but this time it hasn’t helped. I checked the forums and although I found a couple of similar problems they all seem to relate to an issue when a new plug- in had been installed. I haven’t changed my set-up at all. Any suggestions much appreciated …

Aloha s. Bummer and a real PITA,

Occasionally I too have this happen to one project and I could
never find the cause.

Here is one approach:
I would render (export) all MIDI and audio files and then import them
back into a working project.
Take screen shots or cell phone pics
of all eq’s FX’s values etc and then
enter them into the new work.

this will work,
(unless you get crashes during export)

Time consuming. Very time consuming.

HTH (hope this helps) and Good Luck!

jeez … that’s really not a road I wanna go down. would that mean all my midi tracks become audio files or is there a way to keep them as midi? I guess if that’s the only solution I’ll do it. Thanks very much for your help


Altho’ that can be done, that’s not what we want in this case.

Think of that ‘funky’ Cubase project of yours as a loaded (but not working) gun.
The bullets in that gun are your audio and MIDI files.

We are going to take the bullets from the ‘not working’ gun
(your current project) and put them into a ‘working’ gun
(a new project).

Let’s now do that:

1-Make sure the new project has the same
'Project Settings/tempo/audio resolution/pan law etc as the first.

2-Export each ‘Instrument’ Track’ or MIDI track to its own <.mid> file.
3-Export each audio track to its own <.aif> or <.wav> file. (more on that below)
4-Open up a ‘new’ project and use Cubase’s ‘Import’ feature
to bring each file into that new project on its own track.
(load the new gun)

This way your performance work is not lost but you will have to
‘re-tweak’ EQ’s/ FX’s/plugs etc.

That’s why taking the many screenshots can help you remember those settings.

Re: audio files. A tip.

Before exporting your audio files:

On each audio track In the Arrange/Project Window,
make sure you ‘extend’ all audio files parts back to the start of the song.

Of course there will be only silence till the first audio event starts
but we use this technique as a kind of a ‘marker’,
This way when Cubase imports your audio tracks (starting at the beginning)
the audio events in it will ‘playback’ in their proper place in the time line.

You can of course find info on importing and exporting stuff in the manual.
And there might even be some Utube vids on this.

If this work is really important to you, (original creation/clients/$$/etc)
and nothing else works,
tho’ time comsuming, this will work and very little
(other than time) will be lost.

HTH (hope this helps)

I love the analogy :smiley: thanks will give it a go

I have the same darn problem and it just started towards the tail end of a (what I consider to be) relatively small project.
There are maybe 12 to 14 audio tracks, most mono and 3 instrument tracks. The instruments are Halion, Kontakt 5 and Superior drummer.

I have hunted through the *.log file and as it always is, was greeted with that gobbledygook that only Steinberg can decipher.

I had to edit some vocal material and NEEDED the copy feature (by the way, it does the same thing no matter what copy method I use. ie toolbar or ctl c) so the only thing I could think of was to “duplicate” the track I wanted copied and slide the wav form of the duplicate around placing bits and pieces of it where I needed to. It wasn’t too time consuming once I cut the track up into various sections of the vocal performance.

I hope it is a song specific issue and not one I will face in other projects I am currently working on.
Thanks for posting this, it’s nice to know I am not the only one! (sorry to imply I am happy you are having issues as well, that’s not what I meant…I am hopeful you know that)


Aloha Mark and welcome to the board.
In my experience this only happens on occasion and for me
never when I start a project from scratch.

Seems it is only when some one give me a piece of work or
when I get a downloaded MIDI file. But As I said it is rare.

Glad you solved your prob.