Cubase 5 crashing 'runtime error' - Free Warp

Hey does anyone have much info about this bug causing Cubase 5.5.3 to crash when editing in the Arrange Window?

I have fairly small project, some audio and midi tracks
48khz project
stereo and mono audio, some in folders
nothing ‘frozen’, that I’m aware of
Some Audio tracks routed to Group channels
All other plugin’s are not known for doing this in a project (not the ugliest project I’ve worked on either)

Does this sound familiar to anyone.

So far I have just reinstalled the update, to no remedy

edit: Oh I forgot to describe the problem /palm

I get this when selecting many tracks and attemting to ‘arrange’.

I get this from these commands:
Range, Insert Space
Range, Delete Measures

This is Microsoft problem. Check it on Google.

This also happens when using AudioWarp free warp occasionally.

I run W7 64 and C 5.5.3 in 32 bit mode.

Does that mean I should install x64 or x86 MS Visual C++ redistribultable?

any help appreciated.