Cubase 5 > Cubase 5 LE > Cubase 5?


I own the full version fo Cubase 5, patched to 5.5.3. My friend doesn’t own anything, but I have a spare copy of Cubase 5 LE that I’d like to give him (came free with some hardware - I’m not gonna use it).

Is there any way we can collaborate on projects with these two things, sending files to each other and working on them separately, then combining the results/parts?

Anyone know, or are there too many limitations?

Cubase LE 5 to Cubase 5 project files-> Yes
Cubase 5 to Cubase LE 5 project files-> No

You’ll have to exchange wav’s and MIDI files instead of .cpr’s. LE5 won’t open C5 projects. No multi-out VSTi support in LE5, either.