Cubase 5 - Cubase only recording left side

I have cubase 5 running through an m-audio fast track with a mic and a guitar connected to the fast track. The mic comes through on the left side (line 1) and the mic comes through on the right (line 2) through stereo output.

However, when I try to record, only line 1 (the left side/microphone) is recorded. The only way to record guitar is to go to VST connections (hotkey F4), change the device port for the left side to line 2, or to change to mono input and have the device port set to line 2 so it comes in on both channels.

I have Cubase installed on an older laptop and have not encountered this problem. Cubase can record both mic and guitar through a fast track without having to switch around the device port on my older laptop.

How can I fix this to where I’m not having to switch the input in VST Connections everytime I want to record guitar? or where I can record mic and guitar simultaneously?

I’m a bit confused because you reference the mic twice. I am guessing you mean you have the guitar in line 2?

The VST Connections set your possible connections for the project. If you add a 2nd mono audio track and change the input for the track to Stereo In Right (assuming you have that Device Port set to Line 2), then you should be able to record both audio tracks, with separate sources, at the same time.

Hi, everyone! I think I have the same problem. I can’t record a track in stereo. I want to record vocals in stereo, but it seems that I got problems with it. I have done like in the manual, but can only hear the sound from the left monitor. I remember that I did not have those troubleshooting before for a couple of years ago. I took a paus and then started to record again, but cannot record something in stereo tracks. I’ve got Stereo In and Stereo Out. I have also tried with Stereo Left and Right but still hearing on one side. I use Presonus studioLive 16.0.2 digital mixer and I have connected the mic as in the manual but still same problem. Any one who has got throw this problem like me??


I have this problem also. Using Cubase Elements 7 with Focusrite Scarlett solo interface. Trying to record bass as a stereo track but only recording on one side? I’ve set the input and output busses to stereo but don’t get it. Used to use Cubase SL and never had this issue - anyone help?

Use a mono input.