Cubase 5/Delta 1010lt no sound playback

HI, I have Cubase 5 with a Delta 1010lt sound card, i normally compose music just using VSTs and evrything runs normally, but i wanted to record some vocals and managed to record the sound in Cubase but have no output on the master fader in Cubase mixer hence no [playback.
I think the problem is i have routed the Delta driver ( as opposed to the generic low latency drivers in Cubase) to record the vocal , and i have recorded that signal but cannot hear it on playback through my headphones because i normally receive the playback audio from the computer via the Realtek audio.

There seems no way to route it when using the Delta driver back to my headphones/speaker in the computer.
Sorry to appear a bit stupid but i don’t know how to resolve this problem if anyone could offer any advice it would be a big help.

( i am thinking tthat maybe even when i have been recording all this time that the audio was never running through the Delta card and just the audio driver in Cubase which has a higher latency value around 20, as Delta is only 6)

Could anyone help with some advice i need to get this up and running.