Cubase 5: dissociating score editor from key editor

I enter notes by hand via the score editor. I never record anything and I never enter notes using any other editor. My two concerns are to produce full scores of my orchestral works and a reasonable sound version using East West sound libraries, and this technique works fine for me. When I’ve entered notes in the score editor, I go to the key editor to add expression and modulation curves.
Now, here’s the problem: if I’ve been entering small note values, say 32nd notes, then in the key editor that value of 32 remains set for quantize and length and I can draw smooth curves. But if I’ve just entered a longer note in the score editor, like a semibreve, then I can’t draw a curve until I’ve reset the values to 32 in the key editor. The curve won’t snap to small enough values and I either get huge steps (e.g. four steps over a 4/4 bar if I’ve just entered a crotchet in the score editor) or, worse, no curve or steps at all over a bar if I’ve just entered a semibreve.
As my workflow involves constant to-ing and fro-ing between the two editors, this is a major source of irritation at every session. What I would like is to be able to set note lengths separately in the two editors, and leave them set permanently to 32nd notes in the key editor. A checkbox marked “link editors” seemed to offer some hope, and I unchecked it, but this made no difference.
Has any one experienced this problem?
Is there a way round it?
Has a later version of Cubase solved the issue?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.