Cubase 5 doesn't release audio driver on exit


I think that this is a recent development, and may be after recent Windows updates …

Whenever I quit Cubase 5, after playing tracks back, the audio device isn’t released, and I can’t play sounds back in other applications. If I then go to Control Panel->Sounds and select my playback device, ‘Configure’ then ‘Test’, I get a message stating that “The device is being used by another application. Please close any devices that are playing audio to this device and then try again”.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Which device and drivers are you using? Are they the most updated versions?
Make sure you check the website for the device and see if other users are reporting any problems with the drivers.
There is a known problem with Cubase hanging on exit (thus not releasing the driver) but I have not heard too much about a successful close but failure to release the driver.

Maybe check taskmanager to see if some cubase related process is not shut down? Just a random stab in the dark here.

Devices I’m using are an ESI ESP1010e, and a Line 6 Guitar Port.

I haven’t checked the Guitar Port drivers within the last couple of months, but will do.

The issue is related to existing projects - new projects seem to be fine.

I believe the drivers for the ESI1010e are up to date, but think that it maybe is some kind of issue with the ESI ASIO driver.

Hmm - thinking about it, I have recently changed the PCIe slot the ESI interface sits in - I wonder if that’s anything to do with it. I’ll investigate tomorrow I think.

I’m getting some odd behaviour when changing the ASIO drivers in Cubase - I changed to the generic driver and songs would play back fine - then changing back to the ESI ASIO driver, I get no playback at all, and all the meters in the mixer show nothing.


I’ve had a quick check and don’t think that any of the running processes are anything to do with Cubase.

Solved for now.

I put the sound-card back in the slot I’d originally had it in, and all seems to be working fine so … fingers crossed.