Cubase 5 doesn't save Tascam DM-24 as a remote


I have a Macbook (10.6.8), Cubase 5, FireFace 400 and Tascam DM-24 (Digital Mixing Console).

The Tascam is connected to the MIDI-Port of the Fireface. I use the Tascam as a remote for two things:

  1. For the transport. I set this up in the “Synchonisationseinstellungen”.

  2. As a remote for the Cubase mixer. The Tascam is installed as a “Generic Controller” in Cubase. It works in both ways.

So everything is working fine. But when I disconnect my Macbook and reconnect it, I have to do the whole setup process in Cubase again (Choosing all the MIDI connections in Cubase, I think about 20 clicks). It doesn’t save with the project nor as a template.

Does anyone know if there is an easier way? To save all or to “import” all these settings in one step.