Cubase 5 doesn't "see"Groove Agent 3

Please help!

I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my OS from XP SP3 to Win 7 32 bit.

With the old OS (XPSP3) Cubase 5, Halion Sonic, and Groove Agent 3 performed flawlessly and I never had any problems (except for the ‘user’ generated ones!!).

I did a complete clean install of Win 7, after having triple backed up everything!

I then did a fresh install of Cubase 5 (with all the relevant updates). I then installed Halion Sonic and Groove Agent 3 with all the latest updates.

Cubase 5’s VST Instruments recognises Halion Sonic but does not “see” Groove Agent 3 in the VST instruments box! Groove Agent 3 functions perfectly in stand alone mode, but I cannot load it as a VST instrument in Cubase!!

No matter which way I try and approach it, on creating a new instrument track or midi track I cannot select Groove Agent 3 as it simply isn’t in the list!

I have un-installed and re-installed Cubase 5 and Groove Agent 3 in many different combinations my head is spinning and Cubase still doesn’t “see” GA3!! All installations were done without any other programs operating (including anti virus software). I really don’t want to have to ‘record to file’ with GA3 in order to lay drum tracks - what’s the point of having GA3??

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!! It’s been a back week as the Pod X3 expired at the same time GA3 became invisible to Cubase!!! :cry:

Win 7 32 bit, AMD II X4 Phenom processor (2.60Ghz), 4 GB RAM Computer is a dedicated DAW