Cubase 5 Download

I have reinstalled my OS and need to download Cubase 5. My activations are updated and good. When I went to download Cubase 5, I only saw Cubase 5.5.0 Update and Cubase 5.5.3 Update. I did not see 5.0 to download. When I go to install Cubase 5.5.3 Update it says I need at least OS X 10.5.0. I am on OS X 10.11.6. I am guessing I need 5.0 before I even try and install an update. Where can I find Cubase 5 download? Thanks!

maybe we should contact Steinberg, but they will probably answer just after´s curious, that they don´t got this in the internet on their website anymore. i´ve got Cubase 5 and the installation CD with it. it´s only the installation components and not the license, so i could transmit you the datas. i only got a problem with, if they allow to do this, so i have to ask the Steinberg-Support before and 2. i don´t know how to transfer such big-sized folder via internet.

Thanks for your offer. Not sure how that would work. I originally had Cubase SL waaaay back and had to purchase Cubase 5 when SL was no longer supported, but there was no CD, it was an internet download. I decided I’m going to give sales a call this morning since you’re right, I may not hear back from support for a while. btw - I don’t know how large the file is, but I use pCloud or other large file transfer sites to transfer large files, but I think pCloud maximum is 5GB. But I think if the components aren’t linked to my elicense I probably can’t use it.

normally there are just the main components on the CD(s), without any license-recognition, but i don´t know how it even works with the soft-license, which got normally every installation. but in the theory, it should be possible, and you can log into the program with your eLicenser.

I see. Well I don’t know how to proceed. I’ve turned in a request to support because I couldn’t see any way to contact sales. :-/

would it be an option for you to purchase a newer version?

do you got another computer, where you can try to install Cubase 5.5?

If I’ve already paid for a version, I don’t know why I would want to pay for another version. If I am not able to install 5, then that’s probably what I’ll have to do or switch to pro tools. I can only install 5.5 over 5, which is what I don’t have.

ok. :wink: by the way, i have written to Steinberg, what is happend with the ftp-server. and so the Cubase 5-download.