cubase 5 - edit 2 midi tracks simultaneously

hello everybody !

a big question :
If i have two midi tracks (exemple : a bass & a drum)

I would like to edit them simultaneously on the screen, but for now, i can only edit one at a time !

Is it possible to open 2 midi tracks and edit them at the same time ?

thanks !!!

Select them both and hit enter would be the first thing I would try.

Depends on what version you are using.

Had not heard of doing this before so,being on cubase 5 followed what Tacman7 suggested and it works,able to view both midi parts of 2 separate tracks,they were one on top of each other on tracks 2 and 3,don’t know what it would be like trying to edit 2 simultaneously if they were well apart on project screen and project screen was cluttered with other parts from other tracks,good luck.