Cubase 5 education software upgrade to?

Hi, i have a cubase 5 education software, now i bought the upgrade cubase artist 6… I try to put the licence on my elicencer but it isn’t possible…Should i have to buy another usb-elicenser, or this artist version is not the right one for me?


Quite certain Cubase Artist 6 isn´t available as upgade from Cubase 5. That would actually be a downgrade…

Hi, in the box say’s Cubase artist 6 Update from cubase essential 4/5… (essential) I guess i bougth the wrong one on ebay :frowning:

Yeah, the educational version of Cubase 5 upgrades to the normal full version of Cubase 6 (costs $150 in the US), so you should have bought the upgrade to Cubase 6. See if you can return it… but if it’s opened, that could be hard. Otherwise, try selling it in your local Craigslist, or put it back on ebay. Maybe contact Steinberg support and see if they have a way of dealing with the issue.

Can someone from steinberg please confirm that the above is correct?.

The above is correct.

Artist is a new product, of which I am considering purchasing in addition to my already owned Studio 5 (which I can upgrade later to C6).

Good deals going down in the steinberg factory :open_mouth:

Well, a few of my students are really gonna be happy campers on Tueday evening! as I was always under the impression there was no Educational upgrade path :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: !

The problem is now since Steinberg & co have decided to update some of their legacy softwares, I find myself torn between old and new so I have made the following decision:

Get both

Also, in the mean time I will acquire HALion Sonic workstation too, as that is major cheap for what productivity it can bring (even cheaper edu).

There is no “educational upgrade paths” in the sense of “there are special educational upgrades” available. But you can upgrade / Update your existing Educational version with a “standard” upgrade / update.

While there may be no special “edu upgrade” think about the fact of already having paid half-price for a so-called educational piece of (non-crippled) software, and with that money saved of course you upgrade since steinberg software pricing only ever goes one way over a defined trajectory…

… down :arrow_right: