Cubase 5 essential crashes on Windows 7?

Hey all, has anyone had the problem of Cubase 5 essential crashing due to, when using 2 monitors, one is a different resolution from the other? I’m also running a new E-MU 0404 USB sound interface, Windows 7 sp1, 64, on a Dell L501x xps laptop, all with latest patches and drivers.

I’m running a 1920x1080 HD laptop screen together with an older, lower resolution 22" LCD (Acer) desktop monitor capable of 1680x1050 at the highest. I have an nVidia geforce GT 420M graphics card, using the option to extend the screen.

I’ve updated all my drivers, disabled my onboard sound driver (is uninstalling this driver the best option possibly?), but Cubase continues to crash. I get the Windows blue screen, but it only says “new hardware or software problem,” no specifics.

I’ve asked Steinberg support, they say there should be no problems, ditto for E-MU support. Am at a dead end.

Any ideas from anyone? Thanks in advance.

Look to the log file.

Sorry for the newbie question but how do I get the log file?

The dual screens shouldn’t be a problem. I also use extended screens of different resolutions and it works fine. I set this up using the win7 screen resolution screen though, not through my videocard settings. I found it worked better to let Windows handle it.