Cubase 5 Essential Installer

Dear Steinberg community,

I am currently happily using Cubase 8.5, but I still want to use my old Cubase 5 Essential dongle. I have an older PC with Windows 7 on it.
Now, I guess Cubase 5 is probably not supported anymore, but I just can not find an installer for this product.
I have the dongle ready, but I can only find Updates for the basic Cubase 5 Essentials.

Somehow, I can only find my old Cubase 4 and Cubase 6 installer discs…

Please, does anybody have an installer I can download?
Best, Jasper

Hi Jasper,

I will send you a PM.


Thanks Jochen,
I will give it a try! :slight_smile:

Hi Jochen,

I have the same problem! I have a fully registered version/USB of CB Essential 5 but cannot find the installer anywhere. I have since lost the CDs and would really like to download the program onto my new computer.



Hi Alistair,

you’ve got a pm. :wink:


Any chance you could send me a PM too? I have been searching for ages and can only find the update :frowning:

Hi there,

Old thread, same question.

I also need to the Essential 5 Full installer. I have the dongle and everything :slight_smile:

I got the same problem!

Ich habe Cubase 10 Essentials und auch eine Lizenz für Cubase 5 Essentails. Diese möchte ich parralel zum Cubase10 installieren da ich den listeneditor benötige.
Hab ich das richtig gelesen das Du die Installationsdateien hast? Ich kann nur das Update auf version 5.1 finden aber das funktioniert nicht obwohl auf meinem Stick die Lizenz ist oder muss ich den Support anschreiben?
Beste Grüße