CuBase 5 Essential & Oxygen25 midi problem.


A friend of mine is using Cubase 5 Essential. He also has an M-Audio Oxygen 25, which was working fine up till near the end of last year, but now it isn’t.

If you open an old project the midi, recorded before the problem started, plays fine. Cubase see’s the Oxygen 25 as midi in and out. If you press a key you can see input on the transport bar, but no sound at all, try to record a midi track and nothing is written.

He asked me to take a look but i’m no midi expert AT ALL (i’m fine if it has 4 or 6 strings on it) but i have run out of ideas. Have made sure CuBase is up to date and also the drivers for the Oxygen 25. Also tested the Oxygen 25 and the midi is working fine. We also tried clicking the CuBase timestamp tab (as suggested for other midi problems), all to no avail.

Please help … PLEASE … we were both pulling our hair out the other night.