Cubase 5 Essentials License for youtube use?

Hi - I used cubase 5 essentials to record the audio track for a youtube video I made. Link is here -

I didn’t really use any of the full features of cubase - just basically used it as a stereo audio recorder - no overdubs, no samples or effects were added. The audio track was exported and mixed with the video in imovie, and posted to youtube.

Several months ago I was offered the opportunity to monetize my youtube video, which seemed like a good idea as one of my videos has gone viral (well, as viral as a modular synth demo is going to go - not a million views, but more than 100K). So I jumped through all the hoops to set up an adsense account, and chose to monetize a handful of my videos, including the one above.

Upon reviewing the videos I submitted, they picked out this one as being a potential problem, and asked for further licensing information about the products used in creating it. I sent in the links that I could find for cubase and imovie, and they’ve informed me that my cubase license doesn’t provide sufficient COMMERCIAL rights for my video to participate in monetization (their caps, not mine).

This doesn’t seem right, and I may have provided them with the wrong link - does anyone know what the correct link would be, or where I could find the applicable spot in the license about this?

Thanks for any help.

I just got my notice from YouTube as well (video disabled from revenue sharing), so I’m looking for the same information for Cubase 5. I’ll let you know if I find anything.