Cubase 5 eWhen I record sound it loses its tempo

I have cubase 5 and midi keyboard and I use an M-audio sound card.
I used the keyboard and recorded piano and drums
and when I listen to the record,
I noticed that the tempo is not the same as what I recorded. For example, if I record do re mi fa sol la si do in a 8/8 tempo, it can play some of the notes on the off beat, and not do it right on time.
what should I do?

thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.

Check to make sure the sample rate for the m-audio is set to the same rate that is set in your Cubase project.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Hi, thank you for your answer
how do I do that? I’m an absolute begginer in this program and the sound card

Then the start point is to check both manuals, not everyone is using the same hardware as you, and not every hardware does it the same way