Cubase 5 Exporting. It exports but file is MIA!!!


I’m using Cubase 5 with windows 7, and I’ve used this set up for over a year now. Literally overnight, Cubase 5 won’t export an mp3 anymore.

When I export it goes through it as if it is exporting like normal. I see the export progress box and it goes through from 0% to 100% like always.

The problem is that when I go to the folder that I designated it be exported to the file is not there. I search the computer for the file name and it’s nowhere to be found.

I’ve trashed my preferences and that didn’t resolve the issue.

The crazy thing is that if I go and try and redo the export it will say that the file is already there and asks if I want to overwrite it!

But again, there is no file in any folder anywhere!

Anyone ever run into this? Is it a Cubase issue or a Windows 7 issue? Either way it’s literally overnight and I haven’t added anything to the computer as far as software or updates. In fact I keep my music computer off the internet.

Thank you for any help you might be able to provide.


If Cubase says the file is already there, is it possible that the file is hidden in some way? Try turning on ‘Show Hidden files’ and ‘Show System Files’ in Explorer as a first step.