Cubase 5 - Extraction and Bounce have a different pitch


I am recording a bass track on Cubase 5. The recording is running on 48kHz and 24bits. When I bounce the track or extract it the pitch of it changes. When I play over the recorded track, the pitch is the same, but when I play over the extracted track, it is changed.

I have tried all the combinations between 44,1kHz and 48kHz with 16bits and 24 bits for the extraction, and I expected the bounce to be the same as the track recorded.


I tried to replicate this but couldn’t I’m afraid. I thought if I changed the project sample rate after recording then the bounce would change pitch as it may refer to the changed project settings. but the bounce worked fine.

I assume you have tried starting with an empty project then added a mono audio track and made sure that there are no corrective inserts or pitch changing fx happening? Also start the project in with the sample rate set in the project settings (shift s) if not it may be worth trying.

The only way that I could achieve the changes in pitch was to change the project sample frequency (shift s) and accept the option to change the sample of the recording that I had made it then did change the pitch as expected.