Cubase 5, Groove Agent One not finding sample sounds - help

Hey all! I’m running Cubase 5 which, I know is old but, it does what I need… usually!
I just changed PC and reinstalled it. Still using windows 10 home like before but, the new PC is just more powerful.

I’ve backed up all my files and transferred over to the new PC. Everything comes up as it should except for the drum takes i’ve created using Groove Agent One. I get an error message saying “Groove Agent One can’t find the following sample for pad B0, C1, C#1 etc…”
It gives me the option to find it manually but, when I try to drill down through the folders, and go into the Groove Agent One, non of them are .wav and that is what cubase is trying to find.

It also does the same thing if I try to create a new drum track, in a new song all together (so, not one copied over)…

I’m completely baffled! Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: