Cubase 5, Halion One

I have Cubase 5 installed and updated to the latest version. I was not previously using Halion but someone told me about it and I thought I would give it a try. So I opened up the DVD and ran the installer directly… but no samples were present. So I noticed the separate .MSI for samples, ran those. I right click and direct Halion to the sample location (Win 7 32 bit, so it’s in ProgramData\Steinberg…etc.) and nothing. I tried loading the Cubase installer properly and choosing “reinstall” and still nothing.

So I’ve uninstalled all the Halion stuff. Can someone help me to do this properly? I can’t imagine what the trick is and why it is so hard. Seems like browsing to the samples should have done the trick without any issues.


Sorry, I didn’t have the latest cubase, I had 5.0.1… updating to the latest now. Maybe now it will just work right.