Cubase 5 has stopped working after installing new hardware

Hello everybody. i have a big problem and i need your help.
i bought a new computer 2 months ago and i installed my cubase 5 and everything worked perfect!
now i bought 2 days ago a graphic card Geforce GTX550 Ti. installed it and one thing i did is changing the slot of my UAD card cuz it was interrupting the graphic card to get in the slot…

well from then… everytime i open my cubase after a few seconds i get “Cubase 5 has stopped working”
and i cant find any solution to this it’s driving me crazy! i really ned your help!
and btw i tried to move all dll’s files it’s not working.

please guys i really need your help i cant find a solution :frowning:

Are you sure this is because you installed the graphics card? Is there any chance that you are triggering a crash? We need to know at what point in your session this crashes (and you system specs).

how can i get you any information you need? and it’s happening when im playing some beat…
if im in the software without any project open… nothing happens but when i open a project (old or new)
and start working and listening… it crashes! before the graphic card was installed everything worked perfect.
please tell me if i can give you any usefull infromation and how…

If you trash your preferences that will normally take care of any instabilities in your system. Have you tried that yet?

Here’s how:[keyword_search]=Preferences

i just tried it and it wont help. crashed again :frowning:

Have you tried taking the UAD card out and see if that helps (just for testing)

yeah i just did… again… the same problem… omg this is the weirdest thing i have ever seen! like wtf?! it cant be just because of the graphic card right??? lol im out of my mind here…

Don’t know why you bought a gaming graphics card that takes up 2 slots ( unless you also use the computer for gaming ), but do you still have the old card, and what brand/model was it ?

If so, you could try putting the old one back in to see what happens.

Otherwise, did you uninstall all the old graphics drivers if the old card was a Nvidia one before installing the new card ?

Nvidia did change the process of how to install new drivers and it’s quite important to follow their directions, otherwise all manner of weird things could manifest themselves.

Simply installing newer drivers over old ones no longer works like it used to do.

i had no card… it was onboard. and i didnt installed the latest drivers of this card… i will do it now and see if this will solve the problem. but i hardly think so… i dont know why the graphic card should make cubase crash everytime. anyway i’ll try now.

Thanks for clearing that up, the more info the better.

It could help if you posted the specs of what motherboard you have.

I would try pulling the graphic card out and re-enabling the onboard video first to see if it is the new card causing the problem.

There are some issues with using a UAD on certain newer systems/OS, but if you say it worked before the new card install then hopefully that part is okay.

I don’t use a UAD, so I can’t give any first-hand help for that other than suggesting like Split did .

ok so here we go… this is the motherboard i own… Intel® Desktop Board DZ68DB
second thing i removed my new graphic card and all of the drivers… now im on my onboard graphics and it keeps crashing! so i know it’s not the graphic card… what the hell should i do now? im out of ideas…

Could you post the LOG file here? That will help us identify the source of the problem.

More about that here:[keyword_search]=crash

Did you also take out the UAD as well like Split suggested ?

Also, what OS and 32 or 64 bit ?