Cubase 5: How Do I Send two buss' to 1 stereo out

Hello everyone.

I have a song which has two OUTPUT busses:

One bus channel is a stereo mix with instruments on it
The other bus channel has my vocals on it

When I export the final audio mix, it favours the 1st stereo bus channel with the “instruments” on it yet it is NOT including ANY info from my “vocal” bus.

How do you merge them together for one final stereo out?

Thank you.

Obviously you have to route them to one common output or summing bus.

Hello it’s still not fixed.
On the stereo buss I - I send out to the stereo left and right signal to the outputs 1 + 2 on my Zoom R16
The other bus 2 - The exact same channels out 1 + 2 on my Zoom R16
The stereo mix I hear in the speakers has my music and vocals merged yet the output when exporting is strictkly the music no vocal heard.

Thank you.

A thought…

Look at the left side of the export audio mixdown menu. The output channel “Stereo out” should be checked. If not, then you are only exporting the channels that are checked.

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It will not be fixed, until you follow the advice given in my first post. If you want a mixed signal, you must mix the two busses to one summing bus, which - in 'Cubase - is not possible with output buses.

Trying for the final mix.
I do see my two sets of stereo buses on a list.
If I choose stereo out Bus 1 then I get my music but no Vocals.
But if I choose Bus 2 (where my vocals are parked) then I get my vocals but no music.

It appears to allow me in Cubase 5 to choose one bus either Bus 1 or Bus 2 but won’t trigger them both on at the same time for me to get both my music and vocals out together merged stereo.

Again the buses both 1 + 2 point to the main R 16 Zoom Stereo channel out. Maybe the new version of Cubase takes care of this issue. It’s not fixed for me but I appreciate your responses and suggestions my Cubase friends.

As the other party mentioned above this post you have to merge them both into one stereo out which I did, it’s the only main output a stereo output available on the Zoom R16 but because the music is channeled over two buses both Music/and Vocals it just favours one bus or the other bus. It would seem either I can get just the music exported or just the vocals exported but not both at the same time although they are pointing to the same output mix channels.

Since you say you have set up (1) stereo output bus that has both L & R audio interface outputs assigned to it, I have two another thoughts/suggestions for you to check.

1st… An issue could happen if you recorded a mono source (like vocals from (1) microphone, or a guitar from (1) mono connection) from a stereo input bus by mistake. These mono inputs should have been recorded through a mono input bus (not stereo). I am not sure if you can fix this except for trying to adjust the panning in such a way that both sides sound close to each other, then using the track volume to raise the volume to an acceptable level.

2nd… An issue could happen if you recorded your mono source vocal from a mono input bus (as you are supposed to do) to a mono audio track but then you assign a stereo VST effect to that track (like a reverb or some other kind of phasing effect). If you do this it is possible that only the left channel of the reverb will be heard (that’s the way Cubase works and it is documented in the operation manual). If this is the case then you may be able to correct it by adding a stereo audio track to your project and copy your mono recording to it. Then add the stereo VST effect.

For the 2nd issue… there are several ways to get around this issue but, for me, I always record my mono input bus for mono vocal or instrument connections to a stereo audio track. Then you don’t get the issue I mention above.

These things are confusing for sure. I hope you can understand by reading my explanations carefully. If not, just ask more questions and I will try to assist.

Regards :sunglasses:

That´s what I´m telling you all the time already

There is no issue: If you´re summing inside Cubase, you need to bus the signals to be summed inside Cubase. Your Zoom R 16 outputs are outside of Cubase, and therefore can not be summed by an Audio Export out of Cubase.

Again your soundcard´s outputs are after the Cubase summing, and therefore can´t be influenced by Cubase. Cubase´s summing buses end in one output bus.