Cubase 5 is taking literally 3.5 minutes to load on my MBP?

This is crazy. I have had Cubase 5 installed on this machine in the past and never had this problem. It seems like it’s getting stuck at the VST plug ins folder. Also it’s only using one processor core during boot.

Any ideas?


Hi JB,
Which file is show in the Cubase initializing screen when it is stuck on startup?


I had a similar problem…then I noticed that my anti-virus program (Avast) was scanning each .dll that is used while starting Cubase, or any other program I would decide to run. This also included the Waves license autorizations on my Ilok one by one. I suspect that the more plugs you have, the longer this process will take!

The fix for me was to tell Avast to stop scanning all .dll’s while starting programs. :sunglasses: