Cubase 5/Kontakt 4 Multi Track Routing

I am trying to figure out how to route the drums tracks from kontakt to cubase. I created all the necessary outputs in kontakt and I have each part of the drum kit on separate tracks. The problem I am having is how to get each one of those tracks to play and record on separate tracks in cubase 5 as well! Please help

activate the ouputs in the instrument rack.

Maybe I am doing something wrong…I create the instrument tracks right? Then activate them? I did that and no signal.


Wrong.If you take some time to read the manual you´ll see, that instrument tracks can only ever output a stereo signal (the first stereo ouput of the instrument), and that what you need is the instrument rack.

My apologies…The tracks were already created at the bottom of the project…I have a lot of tracks in this project and didnt notice them there. The drums are separated on different tracks. Thanks