Cubase 5 LE and Tyros 5

Hello and Happy New Year!

I am a newbie here and trying to setup Cubase 5 LE with my new Yamaha Tyros 5. The Cubase setup does not include a Tyros 5 menu item. Only up to Tyros 3 is offered and no update appears to be available on the Steinberg website.

In defining a new Cubase profile for the Tyros5 it is asking for channels.

Can someone help me out.


Tyros 5 is newer than Cubase 5 by a number of years, hence LE5 has no idea of what Tyros 5 is, did the workstation not come with a version of Cubase AI?

No Cubase software was provided with my Tyros 5. I believe what I am looking for is an xml file


Do you need a new definition, what are you trying to archive with it? Getting patch names and such automatically or do you want to control some functions via sysex?

If you are looking for something simple as that it might be faster for you to just create your own panel