cubase 5 LE, can I remove the license?

Windows 7 64bit user here.

I purchased a usb interface from guitar center, a Tascam US-122mkII that came with cubase le 5. The device gives me a BSOD every time I try to use it. After looking on google for solutions it seems that a lot of people have bluescreen problems with a few tascam products including this, and that there is no real solution. Trust me, I’ve tried everything and the BSOD still happens. I tried to return the interface today but I couldn’t because I had already registered the software under my name.

So seriously, is there any way I can just have the license totally removed? I really want to just get my money back.

Hello hrj499,

Please contact our support department. The contact details can be found here



Thanks, I had actually contacted support before posting this thread but wasn’t sure if I’d get a response, so I asked here. Thanks for the help.