Cubase 5 LE wont start!!

Hi there I’ve been unable to get my installation of 5LE to start up.

I’ve been trying for some time, leaving periods of weeks, days and hours after reactivation (to allow server updates or whatever) to no avail. It seems to be working at elicencer side and server side, server shows my licence activated on purchase date (2013) and elicencer shows the an active code and the pc (this pc) it is bound to.
…however every time I try and lauch the program it tells me (“if you want to continue… etc etc”) to register and I go through the whole process again with no success.

I dont have a physical licencer and have no intention of buying a dongle, I just want to recover my bind to pc installation

Can anyone tell me what is wrong? I’ve reinstalled elicencer, run maintanance numberous times, tried sending and updating elicencer data, and the recover option with no visibale problems incurred… so why is it not opening? :question: :question:

Hi and welcome,

Is there any message, why Cubase doesn’t start?

What operating system do you use?

im using win10 64bit

I’m sorry, Cubase LE 5 is not officially supported with Windows 10. It has not been tested at all, and there could be any kind of issue. I would recommend you to update to Cubase LE 8, which is compatible with Windows 10.