Cubase 5 locking up

I’m using an old P4 laptop (1GB ram and xpsp3) and cubase 5.5.3 to do some live playing. Nothing taxing at all - a few hypersonic patches and one or two kontakt samples.

About every hour or so, Cubase locks up for about 5 seconds and then releases.

Any ideas what may be causing this? I’ve set up xp the way I normally do for DAWs that I build / install which has always worked successfully on other machines.

This one has got me stumped.

Any help greatly appreciated.


sounds like every hour or so something is kicking in and using resources that cubase needs. just what that may be is anyone’s guess. maybe a tad more ram would help but I’ve ran C6 on xp with 1gig (just for a giggles) and that worked fine!

Thanks for your reply.

Yep I wondered if something was kicking in. Can’t think what though. Have turned everything off I can think of:-)

Auto save? Power saver setting?

Thanks for your reply. Yep got both of those turned off…