CUBASE 5 : Lost my effects when i open my project


I’m needing the help of the community now because i have a big problem on my Cubase 5.

I recently change my house, so i move my studio and i download also some VST (T-Pain Effect… Pitch Correct)… and now, when i’m doing my song, i put effects on my voice (delay, deesser, equalizer, pitch correct).

But i need to save, listen, and go back work on my song, and here is the problem, when i open back my project after save it, my effects and equalizer disappear.

I’m coming back to the beggining, it’s a very big problem for me because i need to work few days on a song to make it nice, i can’t finish it in a one shot.

I also freeze my audio tracks when i’m working.

I don’t know where is the problem but if some1 got the solution i will be so relieved.

Thanks to all !