Cubase 5 / M-Audio Fast Track Issues

Hello all,

Yet another M-Audio Fast Track issue with Cubase 5.
I just installed Cubase 5 and am trying to get the guitar signal to show up in Cubase.
Under “Device Setup” - VST Audio System, the ASIO Drivers that show up are “ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver” and “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver.”
The “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” recognizes the Fast Track for the Inputs/Outputs.
After following the Youtube videos and everything, I can’t get the guitar signal to show up on Cubase.
Any serious help is greatly appreciated!

Quick update:
I finally got “Fast Track ASIO” to show up on the VST Audio System.
Now, In 1 on In is Active, Out 1 and 2 on Out is Active.
I’m able to press the “Record” button and it’ll record but it’s just not catching any guitar signal yet.