Cubase 5 Mac and Venom Synth multitrack possible?

Does anyone who use Cubase 5 Mac ( newest version ) and have a VENOM Keyboard know if recording and playback of different sounds via MIDI on different tracks is possible and if so how?

I’ve been recording 1 track at a time as Audio and it’s very time consuming especially when editing is needed.
I can live with it, but if it’s possible to multitrack different sounds via MIDI it would make work go so much faster.


For audio, you’re limited by the physical audio outs of the keyboard and the physical ins of your soundcard.

Thanks I’m using audio but need to know in the MIDI aspects only of multi tracking this with Cubase 5

But MIDI is not audio, and if you want to multitrack audio, it depends like mashedmitten already said on your interface ins. Other than that you can of course record 16 MIDI channels into cubase, if your Keyboard allows it. So check its manual.

It looks like you should have a good read about what midi really is, you can’t record your venom using midi. At least not in the sense that you have in mind :wink:

See here for instance.

The manual it came with and info on the site doesn’t show anything, the FAQ doesn’t even work in 3 different browsers I tried, and based on it’s price I can only assume it doesn’t have the ability to assign different MIDI channels to different sounds

I usually say SOUND these days, because that’s what it is to me, but in fact I mean Patch or Program would be the better terms.


I’m talking about RECORDING MIDI DATA onto a track, and if the keyboard has the ability to assign different patches/programs to different MIDI channels.

I’d like to hear from someone who OWNS AND USES a Venom if possible for a clear yes or no if it can do this or not.

No one at M-AUDIO has responded…


Wonder why? :unamused:

If you read my first post I mentioned AUDIO as my current method since it’s all I have.

Forget it, I’m just getting semantics, I’ll look elsewhere
thanks anyway guys