Cubase 5 measures and beat bar HELP


Recently I got a problem when I was composing a piece. I think I must have been touched some buttons on the keyboard by accident. Now the bar which used to show measure numbers becomes half measure numbers and half beats. See the picture:

I want to change the bar back to showing only measure numbers , not measure numbers and beats.

Can someone help me, thx a lot ^.^

Looks like a Tempo change to me, have a look at the Tempo Track!

Not a tempo change, but I think you have altered the time signature.(it looks like the Project changes from 4/4 to 3/4 at bar #37, then again to 1/4 at bar #38 and onwards.)

If you have changed the time signature on the transport bar, WITHOUT a time signature track, getting rid of the changes can be a headache unless you ADD a time signature track.

Without a time signature track, it is difficult to see at a glance where the changes are, but you can still change the time signature value at the current song position, directly on the Transport Bar. :wink: