Cubase 5 - MIDI Drum Map to record Roland TD-20 performance

I’m new to the forum and in search of wisdom.
I am working on a recording project on using Cubase 5.
I am working with a TD-20 set and a MIDI track.
What I want to do is have my friend play the set with the information accurately recorded on a Cubase 5 MIDI track.
Then be able to edit the MIDI information and play it back through the TD-20 and record the audio from the TD-20 onto audio tracks.
From what I’ve discovered, I need a Cubase MIDI drum map for the Roland TD-20 to set the MIDI track which would accurately represent the MIDI information representing the playing on the TD-20.
Anybody know where I can find a TD-20 Cubase 5 drum map?
I appreciate any help.

GM Drum map is quite fine for Roland TD-series. You can quickly edit it to represent TD-20’s special features. Anyway here’s my TD-8 map, in case of you’ll find it usable. (2.1 KB)