Cubase 5 Midi Issue with Roland TD-5

Hoping you guys can help me out!

My issue is this- I’m trying to use SSD4 with my Roland TD10, all through CUBASE 5 and I’m having issues with the hihat pedal. Everything seems to be mapped right, and works great for the exception of the hihat pedal. Anytime I open or close it, it either makes the Volume fader on the midi track go all the way down or all the way up if you open the hats back up… If I change the midi note within the TD10, the pedal then controls the pan each time i open or close or even mutes the track channel and the master channel.

I’ve tried using SSD4, Ez Drummer, Kontakt, and it has the same issue with every program I try. Im assuming this is an issue within Cubase or the TD10?? Again, everything is triggering correctly for the exception of the hihat pedal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!