cubase 5 midi mode reset


I have a midi track in cubase 5 with chords that last for one bar each using spectrasonics omnisphere as a vst. In omnisphere I have the sound set to quite a long release time.

When I play the chords on my midi keyboard the sound carries on after I have released the notes (as expected due to the long release time) but stop as soon as I play another chord on the keyboard.

However when I put these chords into the midi track and press play, the sound of each chord carries on even after the next chord has been played. I want the sound of each chord to stop when the next one is played in the same way as when I play the chords myself on the keyboard.

My view of it is that playing the chords on the keyboard sends some additional midi message that is not sent when I play through the midi track with the chords on it (like a midi mode reset perhaps?). I have tried adding a midi mode reset controller in list edit but it did not achieve the desired effect.

Any help on achieveing the same effect that I get when playing the midi track as I get when playing the chords on the keyboard would be greatly appreciated.


this may help or may not in your spectrasonics omnisphere is there an ADSSR envelope ?

if so have you tried while in playback adjusting the release in the envelope or you could always open a contoller lane on the track and try CC72 i think it is to remove unwanted release !


I can’t see any reason why Omnisphere should play any differently when playing back from the MIDI track. If the sounds are cutting when you play a new chord “live”, it is most likely because of the Polyphony setting in Omisphere (“Voices”, bottom-right of the Edit page). Try adjusting that to the same number as the number of notes in the chord.